​Benefits of Papaya Leaf for Health

Carica papaya is already proven to be good for kesahatan. But you need to know if not too often consume papaya leaves as this will encumber the work of the kidneys and other internal organs. Although it has many benefits but many people are reluctant to eat. This is because papaya leaves have a bitter taste when cooked in any form.

Nevertheless, there are ways to get rid of the bitter taste, by using clay. How is often dipakaii by food traders to reduce the bitter taste of papaya leaves. Here are the benefits of papaya leaves for health

Increase appetite
The ancients often use papaya leaves that increased appetite. The trick is to take a few pieces of papaya leaves and then boiled with water until boiling. Then, remove and set aside to cool. The herb drink every day. To reduce the bitter taste, you can mix it with warm tea. In this way the appetite will berambah.

Reduces Menstrual Pain
For women who often experience pain during menstruation mpada, then you can try to make a potion from the leaves of papaya mixed with tamarind. Quite easy, poached both the material and add a little salt. You can drink it twice accord on a regular basis. Using papaya leaf herb is certainly much safer compared to taking similar drugs.

Eliminate Acne and Aging Signs
Papaya leaves also can menafaatkan to remove acne and signs of premature aging. How to remove acne degan papaya leaves quite easily. Clean the leaves of papaya and then mash until smooth, setleha that add a little warm water. Allow a few moments later use on the face as well as the use of masks. Wait for 15 minutes and then rinse using aitr until clean. You can do this way regularly at night.

overcome Anemia
For those of you who have low blood pressure, you can fix this by using papaya leaves. Caraya is that you can use as green vegetables in your diet. This method proved successful and has been used since ancient times.

Leather Cleaning
Another benefit of the papaya is able memberihkan secaa skin effectively. This course is suitable for you who have kui dull face. Using papaya leaves can eliminate black spots and dull on your face. The trick is mashed some papaya leaves until smooth and then use as a face mask. Let stand for 20 minutes then rinse using clean water.

reduce dandruff
Dandruff problems often experienced by anyone, both men and women. This is very disturbing because it can cause itching in the head and reduce confidence. He in fact a lot of products that offer a powerful way to get rid of dandruff, but if you want to use natural ingredients then you can meilih papaya leaves. Proven papaya leaves can eliminate dandruff quickly. The trick is to grow papaya until smooth and then you can use it into a shampoo during shampooing. Apply the papaya leaves it flat and then massage a while and use the shower cup. The final step is to rinse with water and shampoo to clean. You can do this way on a regular basis for maximum results.

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