​Cause Headaches by Composition

In the medical world of headache known as cephalalgia, namely the emergence of pain in the brain up to the back of the neck menjutus bakahan up to the upper back. While migraine headaches, in the medical world known as migraines. The cause of headaches behind and headaches vary. The emergence of the pain can occur due to the condition of stress or eating certain foods.

In general, the cause of headaches can be divided into three types. Following them.

Causes Tension Headaches
This type of headache is most often suffered by people. The emergence of tension headaches can be characterized by symptoms of mild headache in the neck, and behind the eyes. Some headache sufferers also often experience tension headaches as well as around the head tied with a rope.

The cause of this type of headache can arise because of the contraction at the neck and head muscles. Various mcam physical activity and food can also be MeMIC emergence of headaches. In addition, people are staring at a computer for too long is also susceptible to tension headaches.

Causes of Migraine Headaches
Migraines or headaches usually appear with symptoms of headache throbbing at the side of the head only. Sayanganya until now the cause of headaches beluh known. But some scientists reveal THAT igrain headaches can be caused due to problems in the blood vessels and the central nervous system masala.

As for some of the factors that can trigger headaches is carneae serotonin levels are low, magnesium deficiency, neuropeptide or protein substance capable of triggering wars pain in the head, the fruktasi hormn in the body and often occurs in women who are menstruating. In addition, other factors that can trigger headaches is the presence of inflammation in the nervous part of the upper jaw. These nerves are part of the trigeminal nerve that is useful for controlling the sensation between the nose and mouth.

Common triggers the headaches can also occur due to emission of light, changes in sleep patterns unnatural, stressful conditions, the pungent smell, and conducting activities Isik excessively.

Causes of Pain Cluster Kapala
This is a headache that really torture at the head and one part of the eyeball. The emergence of headache is characterized by excessive production of tears, either to the right or left eye. If left unchecked, cluster headaches can spread to the face, neck, smell, and other parts.
Cause of cluster headaches is for their pelearan blood vessels in the channel leading to the brain and face. Dilation of blood vessels that causes excessive pressure section of the trigeminal nerve that can cause a sensation of tremendous headache.

The researchers believe that the cause of cluster headaches occur due to disturbance in the hypothalamus. Hipotalamis a part of the brain responsible for regulating body temperature, sleep, balance, and the release of hormones in the body. In addition, cluster headache is also due to serotonin and hitamin is released suddenly by the body.

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