​Causes of Acne On Face

Merupkan acne problems often occur and experienced by almost everyone. Acne can also appear various places ranging from the face of the chest, and the back of the back. This skin disease has become a common problem and often lead to lack of confidence. It is often experienced by teenagers. Actually, acne can be prevented as long as you know the cause.

With out cause of acne you can anticipate and take precautions so as to avoid or at least can not do proper handling. What are the causes of acne? Here's his review.

Excess Oil Production
Acne is not always caused because we do not keep the face, but can also occur because it is influenced by internal factors of the body. Acne can arise because of an abnormal condition resulting from excess production gangguna mnyak gland. This causes a blockage in the channel follicle pores in the skin. Because acne is most often happens is that a pile of oil, hormones, as well as the soap is mixed into bacteria on the skin.

Bacteria is one of the causes of acne are quite serious. Bacteria on the skin will normally tend to breed in the sebaceos gland clogging that can cause irritation in the surrounding area. The glands can break when enlarged and may cause inflammation in the surrounding skin. The condition can cause pain in the face and this is one of the causes of acne stone, which is the type of acne that can swell and ache. If you've healed normally would cause scars like chickenpox sores.

Dead Skin Cells
Salanjutnya causes of acne can be caused by dead skin cells. The more produce androgens, the sebaceous glands will be redundant. And finally acne appears because the bacteria mixes with dead skin cells. The blockage then mixed with soap so that blockages will thicken and cause dark spots.

Consuming soft drinks
Carbonated drinks also have adverse effects on health, one of which is the emergence of acne problems. Carbonated drinks can create inflammation in the human body. This soda contains asparteme or one of the substances that can cause and increase acne. In addition, the soda also can lower pH can cause acne yag pretty stubborn and difficult to overcome.

Allergies Food and Drink
Other causes of acne is because akergi to foods and beverages you consume. Foods that often cause allergies usually are seafood, dairy, and so on. In addition, other foods that can cause allergies are foods that contain vitamin A high enough, vitamin E low and foods containing carbohydrates.

factors hormone
As already explained above, acne can also arise due to hormonal factors. Hormones are the biggest cause of acne, especially in adolescence. Acne in general can appear at the age of 10 to 15 years and then it will disappear when entering the age of 25 years. However, some people also can reach the age of 40 to 50 years with a percentage of 7%. In addition, women are also at risk of facial acne, namely on 2-7 days before menses. Patients with certain types of medications such as estrogen, kartison steroids, and testosterone may also affect acne.

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