Coconut Fruit Benefits For Hair Care

Coconut is one kind of plant that is frequently encountered in tropical countries like Indonesia. Oil plants usually thrive in the yard of the house, fields, gardens, forest, and the seashore. Almost all parts of the coconut plant can be used, one of which is the fruit. Coconut fruit usually used as material for culinary preparations, either for milk or processed into palm oil. The content in palm fruit does have a high enough nutrients. One is to do a hair treatment. Here are some of the benefits of the fruit you need to know.

Overcoming Dry and Damaged
Coconuts that have been extracted into coconut oil and free of chemicals to be stated can usually be found several hair care products on the market. Sala h sau existing content on coconuts are proteins. How to use it is just like using a conditioner. After shampooing shampoos, oelskan coconut oil in all parts of the hair and scalp. After that cover your head by using chower cup and let stand for 2 hours. The final step is to rinse with clean water and shampoo. For those of you who have severely damaged hair, you can add a few drops of sandalwood oil. Its function is to increase the hair's moisture and emberikan refreshing effect.

Helps Hair Growth
If you are experiencing thinning hair problem then you need not worry. This is because by using coconuts then it can be overcome. Coconut oil can help improve blood circulation in the scalp so that it can grow hair, thicken hair, and make hair long fast. Coconut oil contains natural nutrients such as soluble acids that can penetrate the hair shaft so that it can nourish the hair thoroughly. How to use it is by massaging the head with coconut oil and then close the hair using shower cup. Allow a few moments then rinse using a shampoo. You can also add the new Essential oils daraha rosemarry to improve circulation to the scalp.

Overcoming Hair Loss
Besides being used for a variety of processed foods, the use of coconut oil is also good for hair care and has been used since ancient times. One menafaat obtained is to overcome hair loss. How to use it is by applying the herb of the sage leaves are boiled using coconut oil. This therapy can make healthy hair and prevent hair loss. In addition, other ways to cope with hair loss is by using a mixture of coconut oil with lime juice on the hair.

Troubleshooting Dandruff
Dandruff is one of the issues often experienced by everyone. Besides can cause itching, dandruff can also interfere with your penampila. This condition is he in fact can be caused by several things such as dry scalp, fungal infections, and sensitivity to the scalp chemicals contained in hair care products. To overcome this you can utilize coconut oil because it contains acid and capric acid solution that can serve as an antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal. How to use it is to wash your hair first, then do massage using coconut oil mixed with a few drops of esenstial. After that, close the shower head using a cup for half an hour to increase the heat on the scalp. The final step is to rinse the hair using a shampoo.

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