How to Clean Reef Teeth Fast

Tartar or often known as dental plaque is a condition where the rest of the food that hardens and sticks to the teeth. To remove tartar is quite difficult. In addition to hardware, tartar also usually located in remote parts. Generally tartar are on the inside or on the sidelines of the molars. To clean the tartar must be careful not to hurt the teeth. Lazy people who brush their teeth into those most at risk have a reef in his teeth.

This makes the germs can easily multiply that can cause tooth loss of mail, which owns the protective layer of teeth. If the coating is lost then the tooth will easily perforated, visible yellow and swollen gums. To remove tartar quickly, you can use natural means. Include the following.

How to Eliminate Dental Reefs
If you do not have the cost for cleaning tartar in a doctor then you can try treating and cleaning with natural ingredients. This natural material is quite easily available such as cloves, orange peel, and others. The trick is not too difficult, but to get the maximum results you need to do it regularly.

Using Lemon and Cloves
The first material that you can use to clean the tartar is lemon and clove. The trick was to prepare 4 cloves rod then you puree. After that, add a tablespoon of lemon juice. Combine both ingredients until evenly and apply on the teeth. Brush your teeth with a toothbrush and then rinse as usual. Do this routine for maximum results.

Using Bushhammer
How to remove tartar next is to use orange peel. This is one easy way to do. You can practice it anytime and anywhere. For menggunakananya download orange peel and orange peel rub the inside of tartar. Afterwards gargle to clean. In addition to relieving tartar, orange peel also helps overcome bad breath.

Pomegranate and Salt
The first step you should do is to destroy the pomegranates and then add a little salt. Combine water until the pasta dough. You can use pomegranate paste as toothpaste. Scrub up to all the teeth then rinse clean manner.

Flossing is the traditional way that is powerful enough to remove tartar. The trick is to use thread didi you can buy in the supermarket. Flossing can help overcome the tartar and remove residual food stuck between the teeth.

Drinking Water
By drinking enough water throughout the day can also prevent the accumulation and formation of tartar. This is because water can remove residual meal that sticks to the teeth so that it can reduce the risk of plaque formation on teeth.

Brushing teeth
This is the way that should be routinely performed by everyone. Brushing teeth properly and clean able to clean teeth of plaque and germs. In addition to preventing dental plaque, brush your teeth regularly is also capable of maintaining dental health. You are advised brushing teeth at least two times a day, during morning and afternoon. But you'd better brush his teeth before bed.

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