​How To Deal With Dry Skin Naturally

Whether you are the one that have dry skin? Dry skin is generally caused because the outer layer of the skin is dehydrated. Typically, the body often experience dry skin is exposed parts such as the hands, feet, arms, and face. In the medical world, so-called dry skin xerosis or xeroderma. Dry skin can happen to anyone regardless of age. It depends on the conditions of health, housing, and for too long in the open space. However, people with advanced age most prone to dry skin.

Dry skin problems usually only temporary, that is associated with certain conditions. But there are also experiencing dry skin throughout their lifetime. Symptoms of dry skin that often arises is the skin surface looks rough and feels tight or stiff while bathing. Even the most severe can cause itching and redness. Other symptoms that often arises is happening gari cracks on the skin. The skin will then be scaly and peeling. Dala condition is severe enough, the cracks can cause injuries and bleeding.

Dry skin is actually quite simple, but it takes consistency. Here are some ways to overcome naturally dry skin.

Change Frequency and Duration Mandi
One kebiasaa life that must be changed is the duration and frequency of bathing. Bathing too often can cause skin is clean, but also can menyababkan lost natural skin on skin and cause dry. In addition, the shower also did not have too long and should not be too short. These habits will help you cope with dry skin

Using Moisturizing Soap
Different causes of dry skin is very varied. One of them can be caused by the use of soap that does not match with the skin. For that you better use a soap that contains moisturizer and is able to maintain the freshness of the skin. Especially if you choose a facial soap, because facial skin is skin that is sensitive enough compared to others this part.

Using a moisturizer after bath
Using a moisturizing soap alone is usually not enough to cope with dry skin. You are advised to use a moisturizer after the shower. Use moisturizing after bathing can help you keep the skin from becoming dry all day. Currently, many moistened sold in the market. Each brand certainly has its own advantages. Any brand, make sure the moisturizer made from materials that are not hazardous and contains a lot of nutrients to the skin.

Avoid Excess Heat
Even if you already use a moisturizer to protect skin from the sun, we recommend that you should avoid skin exposure to the sun too long. Exposure to ultraviolet light can cause a bad thing for keehatan. Not only can cause scaly skin, the condition can also cause skin cancer. For that you are advised to wear a jacket or clothing to cover skin exposed to direct sunlight.

Adequate Needs Body Fluids
The human body contains about 70% liquid. When the body is in a liquid under normal then it can cause dry skin, scaly and cracked. To overcome this, you are required sufficient water intake of at least 8 glasses per day. Bagia who are not accustomed to drinking water in large quantities ma can divide it into several sessions.

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