​How to Treat Thrush Naturally

One of the most frequent oral disorders experienced by many people is thrush. This disease is actually a trivial disease, but often makes people uncomfortable and interfere with the activity. People who experience canker sores will usually be difficult to chew and swallow food. So this will cause decreased appetite.

Medically, called sprue with aphthous stomatitis, which is a kelaianan happens where mucous membranes of the mouth menagalai wound with white patches of yellowish color and a concave surface. To treat thrush is actually quite easy. You can use natural means, but before you have to identify the causes of canker sores in advance.

Thrush is usually caused by lack of vitamin C, vitamin B12, and iron. In addition, canker sores can also be caused by eating foods that are spicy and oily. Another cause is what often happens is that when chewed or bitten while brushing.

How to remove the sprue can be treated by natural means. Natural ingredients can be a herb or directly used to treat thrush without being mixed with natural ingredients. The materials that can be used are turmeric, coconut oil, guava leaves, honey and coconut water.

Banana and Honey
If you experience canker sores on the tongue then you can treat it with bananas and honey. Both natural materials very effectively cope with canker sores in the mouth. The trick is to smooth the bananas and mix with honey and stir until dough shaped pasta. Capuran apply it evenly to all parts of canker sores. Let stand for 10 minutes and then you rinse until clean.

Guava Fruit
This fruit contains vitamin C is very high, even higher than oranges. By eating a guava fruit on a regular basis then canker sores will heal by itself. Besides the fruit, you can also use guava leaves are still young. Guava leaves contain antibacterial compounds that have a property to kill bacteria and germs that cause canker sores. The trick is to chew guava leaves to pieces for 10 seconds. Then rinse thoroughly.

Herbs this one is also good to get rid of canker sores. Garlic contains an abrasive compound capable of removing bacteria in the ulcer. How to use it is by attaching a piece of garlic on canker sores and let stand for 10 minutes. After that you can gargle with warm water to clean. Besides being able to treat thrush, garlic can also treat cavities.

Turmeric is one kind of spice that has many benefits. One of the benefits of turmeric is treating canker sores. Turmeric contains an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that is believed effective to cope with canker sores. How to use it is to smooth the way turmeric to taste with grated. After that mix the warm water until dough shaped pasta. The next step, apply turmeric paste it to all parts of the affected sprue. Let stand for 10 minutes and then berkuur with warm water until clean.

Beelibing Wuluh
Starfruit emngandung acidic compounds such as ZT is high enough and vitamin C. Belimbing wulung has a very sour so effective to kill the bacteria. How to use it is to attach or chew the fruit for 5 minutes. After that, rinse with rinse with warm water until clean.

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