​Hypothermia Causes and Prevention

Hypothermia is a condition where a person suffers when exposed to cold air. Hypothermia usually attack someone who was climbing a mountain that is not wearing clothes that tepar. Or some cases also indicate if someone is suffering from hypothermia because the water temperature is in the low with a long time, or wearing of clothing in wet conditions with a long time.

Hypothermia itself is basically the human body temperature decrease drastically. If the temperature is normal, the human body is in the range of 25-26 degrees Celsius. Not a few people know what the cause of this hypothermia. Here are some things you need to know.

Age factor
In general, the danger of hypothermia will appear in infants or the elderly who are elderly. Babies can get hypothermia because babies do not yet have the ability to regulate the body perfectly and still in the development stage. As for the elderly, the ability to control the temperature of the body is reduced.

Certain drugs
Someone who consume drugs such as opiate analgesics, sedatives, and the like are more susceptible to hypothermia. This is because these medicines can influence the body's ability to regulate body temperature.

The Effect of Certain Diseases
Hypothermia can occur when a number of diseases affecting the system tries person's body temperature control mechanism. Stroke, hipotiroididme, until anorexia nervos able to give this effect. For that one should also check to ensure the health of the body is one of the diseases suffered.

Being in The Cold Too Long
One of the causes of hypothermia are most often is due to be somewhere with cold temperatures for too long. For example, is located in the air-conditioned room or in the mountains. The mountaineers would be very susceptible to this disease, especially for those who tiadak wear the right clothes.

Drinks containing alcohol is certainly not good for health. Alcohol can make blood pembulih widened and sparked a lot of blood on the surface of the skin. This condition makes the body heat increases keudian apart. For that you are advised not to consume liquor.

Hypothermia prevention
 Hypothermia is actually daat prevented by taking various steps to keep the body remain normal as usual. Here are some steps that need to be considered.

The first is if you plan to travel and be in a lower air temperature then use thick clothes and warm. Do not forget to bring a raincoat and a change of clothes if needed. In addition, use of gloves, hats, and socks to keep the body warm. Use closed shoes and thick bebagan.

Furthermore, if it rains and you're on the road then you should delay the rain ceased. If the heavy rain, use a raincoat that oakaian you wear does not get wet. Then for the food you eat try to select foods that pemabakaran fast enough calories as chocolate and brown sugar. Both the food is very good for energy resources while hiking.

Those are some things to note about hipoteria.

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